Sophy and Jason

Some frames from Sophy and Jason’s deluxe wedding at Afton Mountain Vineyards on Saturday.

4 Responses to Sophy and Jason

  1. Tony Cox says:

    Oh Boy, what a wonderful set and beautiful record of your big day. How I wish I could have been there..
    I guess we all knew you’d find the right guy Soph, so no surprises there, but what a beautiful couple you make!
    Much love and many congratulations, Tony

  2. Debbie Jackson says:

    Congratulations, Sophy and Jason. And I love your dress, Sophy. What beautiful pictures. The wedding looks like you and Jason – and everyone else – had a great time! love Debbie

  3. Bruce and Vero Turner says:

    We have never met Jason, but if pictures can speak a thousand words and any of those words are true, then things are looking pretty good! And even if we followed Sophy’s progress through the years mostly from afar, we also take pleasure and even a little pride in seeing her cross this important threshold. May you both be happy and prosperous and achieve your dreams.
    With best wishes from Bruce and Vero

  4. Beautiful bride and groom. Congratulations on the wonderful day with many mores year to come.

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