Dwight Howard Johnson

Meet Dwight Howard Johnson, my relatively new band. It’s always a bit of a predicament when you need to make photos of yourself, but pulled it off here for the first time in a while.

We’ve recorded 3 EP’s thus far, and you can hear/download them at these links below. We’re attempting to write and record a new EP every month. DHJ had a great show at Tom Tom Fest’s opening night, and we’re playing in May as well for TTFF a few slots before The Walkmen at Main Street Arena. Come on out, it’s shaping up to be a fun festival with lots and lots of great music.

“Four Songs” EP
“The Cool One” EP
“The Fool One” (April Fool’s EP of covers)

Self-promotion blog post complete.

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  1. Sean Daly says:

    Nice shot. The guy on the left looks like he sees something better over yonder! Fun.

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