Clawless Lobster

There were weird lobsters in St. Martin. They didn’t have that signature ‘big claw.’ Not sure why. They were huge though.

The weather has been beyond terrible upon returning back to VA, so no new pics. Quite the change…

st. martin lobster, caribbean lobster, fish pot st. martin

2 Responses to Clawless Lobster

  1. BD says:

    It’s not a rock, it’s a Rock Lobster!

    (Gratuitous B-52′s song quote opportunities are not to be missed.)

    They are Rock Lobsters, not Maine or North Atlantic lobsters. This is often what you are served when ordering just lobster tails…

  2. Tom says:

    gotcha – i was unaware. thought they might be some kind of crab/lobster/rock mutant

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